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Darkness Among Us
Shattered Bloodline
Curtain Call
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Lullaby for the Dark
Spark of Madness
Left Behind
Of Flesh and Mud
DBD: Halloween
The Last Breath
Dead by Daylight
Snoopy's Grand Adventure
Spongebob: HeroPants
Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game
After Earth: The Mobile Game
HexBug Havoc
Ice Age 4:Continental Drift Arctic G
Crash Course 2
Wipeout 2


Listed on this page are all the professional projects that I've worked on so far...that is, the ones I am allowed to show at this time (NDAs and all that jazz) Feel free to cycle through the gallery and click on any cover art to watch a trailer of the project ( Warning as some rig/animation shown in these trailers may or may not be my own work and all projects and their IP's are owned by their respected copyright holders. However if you do want to see my work presented in a more clear fashion then I would suggest visiting either the Portfolio page or the Demo Reel page. Thank you)

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